Personal Philosophy of Teaching and Education in the 21st Century

My personal mission is to create and explore the worlds of stories; to always do my best and give full effort and respect to whatever I choose to do; to find success in a career where I make a difference; to appreciate and enjoy the world and the people around me; and to support and empower those I love in finding personal happiness and success.

I believe that all students can learn and that all students are worth the effort. The array of tools at our disposal in this century is dizzying and can be overwhelming. However, if we, as educators, keep students as the central focus of our practice, we can always find a way. I believe that learning does not have to be boring. that just because it has always been done one way does not make it the right way, and that the best teachers are the ones who look for ways to be mentors, guides, and way showers rather than the expert with all the answers. Dispensing knowledge is only one small part of teaching. Giving students the tools they need to develop their own strategies for discovering the joy of learning is a much bigger part. As Epicetus once said “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we talk.”  When we, as educators, listen to our students and consider what they have to tell us, we can find the answers. I believe that play is a fundamental part of learning and that by incorporating play as a part of our curriculum, we can reach more students and make a longer lasting difference.